Last night Richter7 welcomed in a crowd of cold, and a little wet, AAF Utah members on the 2nd Annual Studio Crawl. To answer some of the rumors, yes, our conference table does look like a deconstructed robot. And, no, the robot is non-functioning…we think. Jeremy Wold, Director of Digital Services, couldn’t help but show [...]
Here’s what we’re seeking: an Account Manager with an abundance of strategic planning ability, strong written/verbal presentation skills, branding expertise, social media smarts, two to five years of agency account experience and the savvy to orchestrate integrated advertising campaigns. So what’s in it for you? A first-class work environment at a nationally recognized ad agency, appreciative clients, a [...]
Richter7 is looking for an ambitious, bright, hard working, and eager-to-learn Client Services Intern who’s interested in taking their first step into the world of advertising!  You will be working with Account Managers and Supervisors, supporting them in multiple ways, ranging from writing briefs to download our creative and media teams to the Q/A of [...]
My goal has always been to be the dumbest person in the room. I’m really good at it. But it’s an intimidating circumstance, needless to say. Sometimes even embarrassing.  There’s such a flow of knowledge in today’s digital world, I can’t keep up. The hose is down my throat and the faucet is on full [...]
Having started my career 30 years ago in L.A., I’ve been amazed to see more and more companies getting into hot water instead of getting out of trouble. It’s not only companies, though, it’s politicians, executives, sports figures, celebrities and more. It seems success does not guarantee common sense. In fact, those who are “successful” [...]
This week Richter7 won the Silverpop Agency “Up and Comer” award as part of the Agency of the Year awards. One of only two awards given, the “Up and Comer” award is presented to an agency Silverpop feels is positioned for explosive growth and innovation in email and marketing automation. “Over the past two years, we’ve [...]
There can be real power in using sports and event sponsorships as part of integrated contact strategies.  Whenever you are looking at sponsorships you have to understand a few key things to get the most out of these dollars. First, you have to take your personal passions out of the mix.  You have to avoid the [...]


January 31st, 2013
Call me crazy, but I think Facebook may finally have found a way to truly monetize their bazillion users with a strong benefit to marketers and users.  The ad model on Facebook has mostly been a joke until the promoted post came to light.  Now the Facebook Exchange is rolling and Graph Search is coming [...]
Click for image source. Dave Newbold, our President and Executive Creative Director, was selected as one of nine judges nationwide to participate in the judging of the prestigious Communication Arts 2012 Advertising Annual.  CA, as it is more commonly known in the ad industry, receives thousands of entries from ad agencies large and small around [...]

Richter7’s AdBowl XVII

February 7th, 2012
Richter7’s AdBowl is the longest running party in the country, with this year being our 17th year rating the Super Bowl ads! 2012 featured some dancing, cheering and lots and lots of booing, with not a lot of love for many of the advertisers (even the perennial favorites). Check out our breakdown of the winners and [...]