Richter7 is an advertising, public relations, digital/database marketing and social media communications company, located in Salt Lake City. At the foot of some very tall mountains. Our forte is accelerating your brand adoption curve and maximizing customer lifetime value. This begins by disrupting the status quo, for which we have a knack.


Brand Strategy Public Relations Media Planning & Buying Web & Mobile Design Social Media Marketing Digital Marketing Lead Nurturing

Brand Strategy

We offer a variety of strategic planning, market research and brand development services such as: brand modeling, touch point strategy, audience profiling and performance tracking.

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Public Relations

Our clients love publicity, especially on a national scale. We arrange interviews for clients in major markets, introduce them to media contacts and prepare them to successfully deliver messages succinctly.

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Media Planning & Buying

Over 65 years and $100 million worth of planning and purchasing expertise in over 40 markets nationwide. That's called, 'a lot.' Our media clout allows us to obtain ultracompetitive rates and value-added opportunities. Our top-tier media research tools help us to aim and present messages with laser-like accuracy.

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Web & Mobile Design

Sure, we develop websites, microsites, landing pages, media rich banners, applications, animations, videos and mobile-enabled sites (responsive and stand-alone). But we also connect the digital dots so that the best user-experience is possible while increasing convertions.

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Social Media Marketing

Because the fastest growing segment of today’s marketing world is the social media realm, the right social media campaign will build new, stronger and more meaningful and trusting connections with prospects and consumers.

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Digital Marketing

From keyword search to digital media strategies, to the development of web properties, we create online success.

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Lead Nurturing

Unless an item is purchased by impulse, most prospects will invest some amount of research and deliberation as part of their purchase cycle. Richter7's lead nurturing programs will help you focus on your greatest revenue opportunities.

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  • Brand Strategy
  • Public Relations
  • Media Planning and Buying
  • Web Design and Development
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Lead Nurturing

A Bit of Work

It's hard to single out a favorite project. It's like picking a favorite child (although we all know who THAT was, right?). Instead, here's what we've been working on lately.

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Almost Famous

  • 'They’re not the biggest, but creatively, they’re among the brightest…the work is always fresh.'
    CREATIVITY Magazine
  • 'At Richter7, character shows in the work, and in the people who produce it.'
    U.S. Ad Review
  • 'The agency has been the focus of articles in ADWEEK, Communication Arts, and others, all of which serve as a measure of how the unbiased industry press feel about the agency’s growing stature as a regional powerhouse.'
  • 'If you are looking for an agency that can handle everything you need done with confidence, you will do well with Richter7. Their award-winning work speaks for itself.'
    Lane Beattie
    President & CEO, Salt Lake Chamber
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