Seven news stories you may have missed

November 16th, 2009


Here are some top social media/advertising/business stories that caught my attention over the last couple of weeks:

    1. Google buys Gizmo5. Google bought Gizmo5, a VOIP company, to use with Google Voice to create a direct competitor to Skype and every telco in the world.


    1. Murdoch threatens to block Google searches from indexing his news sites. Rupert Murdoch (owner of the Wall Street Journal and other sundry products) wants to stop giving Google and the rest of the world free access to his sites and start charging for access. (Please note that when I searched for this story, none of his sites were listed so I went to his competitor’s site instead.)


    1. Remember a few weeks ago when we tried to blow up the moon? Turns out that the point wasn’t just to create an explosion so huge you could see it from space (or, in our case, Earth). Go figure: there’s water on the moon.


    1. Twitter’s been busy. It has licensed its entire stream of Tweets to both Google and Microsoft to be available in their respective search results. It also added a built-in retweet feature as well as Lists. Lists are a pretty big deal on a number of levels (not the least of which convenience). It’s significant enough that I may write up something about this later. Stay tuned.


    1. Brittney Spears’ Twitter account was hacked. Annnnnd…no one cares.


    1. Google bought AdMob for $750M in stock. This is a pretty huge deal. As if Google wasn’t making a big enough play by putting their apps on the iPhone and freely distributing a mobile operating system (Android), they just bought the largest mobile advertising platform.


  1. AT&T gets its undies in a twist over Verizon ads. Don’t know if you saw them, but Verizon has come out swinging with their advertising push behind the Droid, their new (and I must say, quite impressive) Android offering.

Thoughts on any of these stories? What did I leave out that you thought was important. Leave word (and links) in the comments.

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