Keeping On and Keeping Up

April 8th, 2010

There’s significant chatter lately regarding how much the advertising industry is changing, how traditional agencies no longer exist, that the majority of projects have shifted into the digital realm, how everyone’s roles are more all-encompassing, all the new media offerings, and on and on and on.. I honestly don’t believe there is much argument to be had regarding these statements. Change is happening and no one can deny it.

But I also do not believe this is new territory for anyone. Reviewing AdAge’s recent “80 Years of Ideas,” it’s amazing how far we have come during this past century. Perhaps change is happening at a faster pace than it used to, but nonetheless, we should all be used to things constantly changing.

But there is still resistance. Perhaps part of the reason for this is because we are unsure how to keep up. How do we (all of us in this industry) embrace the constant change?

In the grand scheme of things, I am a newbie. I have been doing advertising a mere 10 years. But already, I can look back at the beginning of my career and am shocked about how different my role and the work I contribute to is today. If that much has changed in 10 years, what will happen in 20?

So, I’d like to share my opinions on how to keep up. These are merely a few ideas that I “try” to practice to be sure I am on the cutting-edge and not falling behind.

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