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April 11th, 2010

Publishers Bet Big on iPad

As reported by Reuters, many publishers are placing big bets that Apple Inc’s iPad will kick-start a commercially viable changeover to digital magazines and newspapers—even though few executives had laid hands on the tablet ahead of launch.

Said to bridge the gap between a smartphone and a laptop, could the iPad be one of the key transitioning tools to the digital world of information news gathering? We took interest in several upcoming media apps:

Tiger Woods Nike Ad

With Tiger Woods back on the green this week, many people have turned their attention to his success at the Masters—supplemental, of course, to his captivating performance in the new Nike ad, which is drawing mixed reviews. Some people refer to the ad as “creepy” and “bizarre,” while others attest to its knack for parody. We’d like to know what your favorite rendition is:

Original Version

New Tiger Woods Commercial: Earl and Tiger

Top 10 Viral Video Ad Campaigns


It’s always interesting to see which videos make the chart. This week the Doritos’ “Viralocity” campaign sits at number one, despite a 12 percent decrease in views. New to the chart is Old Spice’s “Odor Blocker” campaign, which has pulled in nearly 300,000 more views than its predecessor “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” campaign. Check out the full list via the link below and even watch the spots by clicking on the thumbnail image.



Welcome Steve Nielsen

Last and most important, we’d like to officially welcome our new Interactive Project Manager, Steve Nielsen. Despite coming down with strep throat, chipping his front tooth and overcoming the frustrations of a computer-crash episode, we’d say Steve’s had a good run his first few weeks here at Richter7. More to come about Steve and his unique contributions and added value to our dynamic agency. WELCOME, Steve.

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