Social Media Meets Your Reality

April 20th, 2010

Suppose I get lucky enough to interview you for a job. I’ll get all prepared and you’ll get all prepared, and we’ll meet and talk and laugh (please tell me you laugh), and I’ll size you up and you’ll size me (and Richter7) up.

Then we’ll take it to the next level where we like you and you like us. That’s when we’ll pop the question:

How active are you in social media?

And you’ll give some great answer (we hope) and then within days, I’ll friend you and we’ll become OFFs (Official Facebook Friends) and we’ll follow your Tweets and blog, and maybe Link-it-in for an added treat. And it’s not like we’re doing this because we have loads of time to spare, but we need to know who you really are. Or to know you better (realistically that could take YEARS, true?).

So all those pictures and all those comments and all those words you used in various situations to various friends will all be there. (And that was okay for then, but now you’re looking for a job and I’m looking for someone to hire.) And we’ll see them and, fact is, we really don’t want to see them, but we have to know who we’re considering to add to our team.

And we WANT you to be great and to be solid and to show good judgment, but sometimes, in all those wild activities, weird things happen and get posted and tagged (so revealing), and what was private with friends then is public now. But our team has to view that to assess candidates before we shell out dollars.

So please be careful. Be careful now for that time then. Yeah, it’s social media, and yeah, you’re social and it is your media, too, but those things that could scare potential employers may be a deal killer, and nobody wants that, right?

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  • McKell Mendenhall says:

    Thanks for the advice! I am in Troy’s class and I benefited greatly from your lecture. (I would have loved to hear your speech about the value of a sense of humor though!) Thanks!

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