2011 Richter7 Ad Bowl

February 8th, 2011

Today we kicked off our 16th Annual Ad Bowl , complete with a live Twitter feed, a rock band performance and, most importantly, 51 Super Bowl commercials to vote on and enjoy. As our team analyzed the multi-million dollar ad campaigns originally aired during yesterday’s game, ads were voted into seven categories. This includes Most Valuable Ad, Best Low Budget Award and Illegal Use of Money.

The office came to life as associates shouted their opinions on spots regarding Doritos, Pepsi, VW and even Best Buy’s use of Justin Bieber. With people working from all departments of a full-service agency, what was valued and humorous varied on multiple levels. It was a fun dynamic.

Social Media continues to play a larger role as this year’s Ad Bowl was discussed and debated on Twitter by following the hashtag #R7AdBowl. Winners were also announced on www.facebook.com/richter7, and www.twitter.com/richter7.

And finally, here is the list of winners and losers from Ad Bowl XVI:

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