May 28th, 2015

Is it fair to judge others?  Generally not.  However, Dave Newbold, our previous president and current Executive Creative Director, was asked to do just that for the American Advertising Federation’s Northwest District ADDY Awards in late April.  Technically, he was judging advertising, not people – thankfully.

The work he was judging included the recent ADDY winners from four Northwest states.  Those advertisements he and his two fellow judges selected as the top-of-the-heap moved on to the national AAF ADDY competition.  In the course of three days in Boise, they judged close to 1,000 pieces of advertising, from TV and radio spots to digital and print ads, not to mention several hundred complete campaigns.

“Knowing how hard it is to create breakthrough advertising, it’s excruciating to discard work that has been judged as best in a state.  It kind of breaks my heart on behalf of those who have entered very good advertising but aren’t selected as best in the district,” said Dave, with a bit of genuine angst in his voice.  On the other hand, he added, “It’s great to be exposed to so many good ideas and so much quality work.  I’m an ad geek, so looking at ads all day isn’t a chore to me.”

In reality, that’s what Dave has done since 1994 at Richter7 – analyze, judge, discard or refine ad concepts to assure our clients get the best.  So hopefully it wasn’t too much of a strain on his poor little psyche.

ADDY judging #2