Salt Lake City Airport Terminal Takeover

February 28th, 2018

Utah is known for its world class skiing. Park City Mountain (PCM) is not only Utah’s largest resort, but one of the largest in the world. With over 7,300 acres, 300+ trails, 41 lifts, eight terrain parks, one super pipe, one mini pipe, plus many diverse ski-in/ski-out and village-adjacent lodging properties, Park City is an easily accessible mountain destination located in an authentic and historic western town. Park City Mountain Resort and Canyons Resort combined in the summer of 2015 under Vail Resorts as PCM. PCM never fails to disappoint when delivering on the Vail Resorts “Experience of a Lifetime.™” mission. Therefore, the advertising supporting the brand must also not disappoint.

To celebrate its massive size, PCM collaborated with Richter7 to develop ads with the sole purpose to entice out-of-town visitors to add one more ski day at the resort. This tactical execution was delivered in Delta’s baggage claim area. The takeover featured backlit directory kiosks, full wall-wraps, carousel backlit signs and oversized baggage carousel signage. All together the beautiful ski imagery and key messaging about the vast amount of skiing at Park City Mountain throughout the whole baggage claim, created an immersive experience as visitors wait for their baggage.

Richter7’s creative approach centered around using the resorts statistics and giving them emotional ties to discovery and great experiences. One goal of the creative was to make it stand out from other resorts in a different and memorable way. Most ski ads show snow…and if one covers up the logo, it would represent any ski mountain, well, anywhere. Using PCM’s color palette, an angular background treatment was incorporated behind the messaging to make it stand out and ground it to PCM.

Although mother nature hasn’t sent the same kind of snow as previous years, visitors have taken note of PCM at the Delta baggage claim. The resort is in the thick of their 2018 season and has yet to see a decline in ticket sales. More results soon to come!