Coke Zero and Facebook

October 12th, 2009


Every day brings a new opportunity for a big brand to develop a new Facebook application to promote or reinforce its brand. Some of them are disappointing, however, occasionally you come across an application that is original and entertaining.

One such app is the Whopper Sacrifice. Burger King offered customers a free Whopper for every 10 friends deleted on Facebook. Bad idea? Apparently it was not a big deal for users, as more than 230,000 friends were sacrificed.

It is no surprise that Coke Zero has now launched a new Facebook app that allows users to find their “digital double.” When downloading this application, a facial profiler will access your Facebook account and search through your photos, scanning them with facial recognition software.

(Personally, I find this a little creepy, but moving on…)

As soon as the application has scanned enough users, you will be added to the database and Coke Zero will provide you with your double. According to Coke, users will be able to have fun with the information, but the company is staying hush about the details.

Personally, I am not quite sure why I would want to know who my digital double is or what I would do with the information, however, I am intrigued. Will you find yourself downloading this application? If so, we would love to see your digital double.

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