Google Buzz launches

February 10th, 2010

Google has launched Buzz, a service wrapped into Gmail which allows for quick sharing of pictures, videos, status messages, etc. with your Google Friends. You can also autopost to Twitter, Picasa, Flickr and more. It includes privacy settings so you can share with the world or just your friends.

Flash your optics upon the official video:

Noticeably absent is the ability to share with Facebook. Hmmm.

I like how they’re taking a step toward consolidating your social activities into one place (Gmail) as opposed to launching a standalone service which quickly becomes yet one more place to login and check. Now if they’d just roll Reader and Wave functionality into Gmail, well that’d be the bee’s knees. Do it Google. Blow my mind.

In addition, there’s a pretty killer mobile version. It’s seems like a cross between Foursquare, Twitter, Yelp and Google Maps. Looks like it could be pretty impressive, actually. Check the video below:

To get Buzzed (ha!) just keep hitting refresh in Gmail for the next few days – it’ll be gradually rolled out to users throughout the week.

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