R7 Weekly Retro

April 2nd, 2010

Introducing the R7 Weekly Retro – a weekly retrospective of news items, emerging technologies, trends, campaigns and other things that we find particularly relevant. We’ll start this week’s recap off with one of the most buzzed about April Fool’s pranks.

  1. As most of us saw (and some were duped by) Topeka, Kansas, in a bid to be the city selected to host Google’s broadband experiment, changed their name to Google for the month of March. Google, in turn, changed their name to Topeka for the day on April 1st. Great attention for Topeka – it certainly put their name on the map (no pun intended…) for the day, and hopefully gives them a boost in the contest for site selection. Find out more on Google’s blog: http://bit.ly/9OQfSc
  2. Aside from Google/Topeka, there were some other great geek pranks out there ranging from Gmail removing all vowels from their homepage to YouTube text only videos. You can find a full recap of some of the pranks at TechCrunch: http://tcrn.ch/9qfvdd
  3. With the imminent release of the iPad, it once again became a focus of conversation this week with a number of applications announced, including the NYTimes application, and Interview magazine announcing their special iPad issue. Reuters ran an article about techies Kyle Wiens and Luke Soules who systematically determined which stores are likely to receive shipments soonest and plan to be the first in line to purchase theirs…and immediately disassemble it. Check out the article called “iPad Stripteast” here: http://bit.ly/ckQdXF
  4. And last but not least in this week’s recap is a recent study we wanted to share outlining old media’s decline and new media’s ascent. (Source: eMarketer) Data from the study shows that while traditional forms of media are still on top, our ways of consuming news are quickly changing. Here are some of the stats:
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