What Kind of Funny Name is Richter7?

May 6th, 2010

Nary has a week gone by without someone asking me, “What does the name Richter7 mean?”  “Why did you select that name?”   “Does it have anything to do with the Richter scale?”

Here’s the answer.  Yes, it does have something to do with the Richter scale.  Richter7 is a metaphor for moving and shaking, for breaking down the barriers to effective communication and successful branding.

The name connotes a determination to create messages with enough magnitude to move the proverbial needle.

We intend to awaken the target audience, mentally and emotionally, with messages that shake their media-dulled senses and disrupt normal thought patterns – yet, resonate amiably in their soul.  As a consequence, they will be persuaded to favor and purchase our clients’ products and services.

Plain-Jane, parity advertising won’t get that job done.

A respected marketing man once said, “Creativity is the last remaining legal means you have to gain an unfair advantage over your competition.”   Amen.

To that end, clients should demand (and this often requires considerable bravery) daring, distinctive advertising that can separate their product or service from the pack – that can differentiate, build and solidify their position in the consumer’s mind – and do it with enough charisma, charm or edge to leave people leaning forward, thinking, smiling and believing.

When people feel kindly about a product and feel an affinity toward a brand, that product or service preempts the appeal of the entire category.  It jumps to the front of that imaginary line of competitors in the consumer’s mind.

We believe effectiveness and creativity are inseparably linked.  As a national study published in ADWEEK declared, “Award-winning advertising is four to five times more likely to reach client goals than non-award winning work.”

Gary Goldsmith, chairman of Goldsmith/Jeffrey, New York City, said, “More and more clients are realizing creative ads work better, are more memorable and make their point more effectively in the marketplace. You can run a good creative ad fewer times.  People can remember it after seeing it three times rather than 30 times.”

Disruptive creativity, based on sound strategy, counts – big-time.  Because that’s how you connect with consumers.

And there you have the long-winded answer to why we call ourselves Richter7.

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