A Day in The Life of a Richter7 Intern

July 22nd, 2010

To continue our series of what it’s like to intern at Richter7, I’d like to introduce Peter Brown, who is currently in the throws of his third internship here at the agency. Peter decided to take it one step further and discuss what a WEEK is like for an R7 intern.

Peter takes his job very seriously…

Introducing: PETER BROWN, Public Relations Intern

Want to know what a week in the life of a Richter7 public relations intern is like?


My week started by working on a giant client project where we’re revamping their entire website. For two other team members and me, this means reviewing every page, paragraph and word of their site to delete filler info, and ensure it’s grammatically correct and carries a consistent tone throughout the massive, 300+ page website. It has taken a great deal of focus, understanding of our client’s vision and attention to detail – all very rewarding because we’re helping craft their online image.

Tuesday morning we staged an event for our Dairy Council of Utah client and spent several hours at the Gallivan Plaza taking pictures of children wearing milk moustache stickers in front of our ‘Got Milk?’ banner. Honestly, I think I corralled something like 30,000 kids at our booth. Yeah, it got a little crazy! I thought they were coming to chill with our smiling team of two women and two guys, but I think they really wanted the free Creamies (smart kids). We directed them to the Dairy’s Facebook page and  encouraged them to become a Facebook fan of the Dairy and download their pictures. You should too.

Back in the office, I’ve been involved in social media projects for different clients – outdoor recreation and food industries – one isn’t even located near Utah. Our efforts are to track any and all types of online postings about our clients, answer customer questions, encourage them to visit our clients and build a strong customer loyalty for our clients.

This morning I was with another PR team that zipped down to Maple Mountain High School with our Highway Safety client and presented motorcycle safety tips to a driver’s ed class. It’s all part of our ‘Drive Aware. Ride Aware’ campaign. Seriously, don’t ride motorcycles in flip-flops (can’t stress that enough).

These and other projects have carried on just after our ‘No Pants’ policy 2010 kick-off. Last Friday, Richter7 mandated a ‘No Pants’ policy from July 16 to Aug. 20, for the third consecutive year. In order to combat the heat, Richter7 has encouraged us to wear only shorts, skirts, kilts, lava lavas, anything but pants, to work. And if the “knickerbocker police” see pants, we’re fined. A quarter! Hey, I’m an intern! Money don’t grow on trees. (‘Course that will be another quarter for bad grammar.) It has really energized my coworkers here; I feel like I’m being rewarded for enjoying summertime! And that’s pretty sweet.

And I’ve had the fun task of tracking and documenting all of the businesses, newspapers and websites, like USA Today, CNBC and Yahoo! Finance, that have published stories about our ‘No Pants’ tradition. 233 articles so far – from New York to Hawaii.

And my week is only half over. All in all, to survive within the Richter7 environment, in MY opinion, you have to be a big time multi-tasker, an effective communicator, in speech and on paper, an ideas person and, of course, have a healthy sense of humor (with or without pants).

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