Richter7 Weekly Retro

July 30th, 2010

Exciting news going on this week:

Old Spice goes beyond hot-man-in-towel commercials

Men really do want to smell like Mr. Old Spice himself. Especially when Old Spice’s ad agency created customized video responses for their clients. Worked on me.

New York gets Wi-Fi in subways

This should make 8 million people happy. Now New Yorkers can soon stay connected 100 stories up or moving 55 mph underground. There goes bonding with your neighbor on the subway!

Good Relationships = Good Health?

And lest we all forget, while we’re moving at warp speed with our social media networking, a research study in the news this week reminds us that honest-to-goodness social relationships – the face-to-face kind – are key to longer lives and good health. “People with greater social relationships are 50 percent more likely to live longer than reclusive peers.” Do you agree?

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