Walk a Mile

September 14th, 2010

Several Richter7 associates made a “social media” concepts presentation to a client recently.  Seated in the meeting was a mixture of senior and junior folks from the client’s marketing department.  The senior, and more influential, individuals readily admitted that they didn’t comprehend social media.  It was “fuzzy math” to them, as it is for many who don’t drink deeply from the Internet stream.  After we had finished, one of the first questions was essentially, “but how will this help our sales?”

I suspect you’ve heard that question before, as well.

The moment reminded me of a pertinent comment by Benjamin Palmer, partner at the Barbarian Group, in a recent article I perused.  He said:

“So, maybe take a step back and think about how clients spend their days.  They’re probably not immersing themselves in the latest rad stuff on the Internet, nor are they spending a lot of time talking about cool ideas.  Instead, they’re worried about their own priorities at their day jobs, like P&L, stock prices and having to deal with both retailers and consumers.”

Solid advice for any of us who deal in online and social media.  It’s the classic, “walk a mile in the other person’s shoes” philosophy.

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