R7 Weekly Retro

October 24th, 2010

Checking in From Space

“Checking-in” using platforms like Foursquare, Gowalla, Whrrl, Facebook Places, among others, is popular for many reasons, including showcasing to your social graph the cool places you are frequenting. Now, imagine checking in somewhere unheard-of. This is exactly what one astronaut has done. On Friday he unlocked the “NASA Explorer” badge and checked into the National Space Station. Where will someone check-in to next?  http://bit.ly/9Wx91U

Privacy on Facebook, or Not?

We all have our privacy settings set to our liking on Facebook; or so we thought. This week millions of Facebook users found that their personal information was being leaked to advertisers through apps on the social networking site. Facebook is taking immediate action but it’s yet another instance of privacy breaches on this wildly popular platform.  http://bit.ly/buDn6d

Apple Apps Becoming More Available?

Apple announced this week, that in 90-days they will be allowing users to purchase apps on their desktop or laptop computers through an online store with their i-tunes account. Previously the services were only offered to i-devices. Do you think this availability increase has then potential to hurt other software providers. http://bit.ly/cKgsde

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