Writers Arise!

May 16th, 2011

Remember in your college news-writing class when you were quizzed on all the rules in the AP Stylebook? Okay, maybe you didn’t take a news-writing class, but if you did, and you didn’t memorize the 3,000-plus entries, then you probably won’t mind hearing they’ve added a few more social media terms to the 2011 edition. If you thought the social media fad would blow through by now, well, you better speak to the lexicographers and the associated press—they feel otherwise.

According to a recent tweet, AP Stylebook will now include such terms as end user, geolocation, geotagging, link shortener, stream and unfollow.

Luckily, with today’s technology, it’s easy (and even fun) to keep up via apps, Twitter feeds and the like. No more lugging that 1-pound, 1.6 ounce paperback around with no search functionality but your weary, opposable thumbs (don’t tell the printers that we suggested it).

If you didn’t join the conversation with @APStylebook on Twitter today, familiarize your inner journalist with the bible of the newspaper industry by searching hashtag #APStyleChat for tips and refreshers to improve your writing.


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