AAF Utah Digital Panel

November 23rd, 2011

Last week our chief digital officer, Craig Aramaki, was invited to be on the AAF Utah digital panel along with Jason Bangerter from Struck/Axiom, David Nibley of Rain, Ian Barkley from Transcontinental Interactive and Shawn Butler from Saxton Horne. Insights and opinions shared by the gentlemen covered everything from the future of social media to email marketing and even general disdain for the QR code. They discussed how digital is impacting marketing strategies currently and their predictions for the future. Here are some of our favorite tweets from the evening to give you some flavor from the event:

Overall, we think the evening proved that the Salt Lake market is teeming with creative thinking and individuals who aren’t just chasing “shiny objects” but looking at the digital arena as a critical component of any marketing strategy. As Craig said: “It shouldn’t be ‘digital’ or ‘new media’ anymore. It’s about engagement and integrated media strategy.”



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