Exciting news going on this week:
Old Spice goes beyond hot-man-in-towel commercials
Men really do want to smell like Mr. Old Spice himself. Especially when Old Spice’s ad agency created customized video responses for their clients. Worked on me.
New York gets Wi-Fi in subways
This should make 8 million people happy. Now New Yorkers can soon stay connected […]

A belated post, congratulating our team on winning eight silver awards at this year’s national ADDY Awards Competition – the most any Utah ad agency has ever received in one year at the national level.
The winning ad campaigns consist of print and TV for Utah’s Hogle Zoo, point-of-purchase print ads for Wood Revival Desk Co. […]

Richter7 Dominates 5-State District ADDY Awards
After a successful run at the local ADDY awards, we’ve gone on to bigger and better things at the district-level competition. Congrats to the Richter7 creative team!
See the following press release for more details.
Salt Lake City—Richter7 dominated this year’s five-state ADDY awards competition, winning 22 awards. The next highest Utah […]

One major step in a successful email marketing campaign is to actually get your emails delivered so they can be read. Here’s a handy list of several things to ensure your emails won’t be sent to the spam folder by email services (like Yahoo and Gmail).
Spam Complaints
Email services (Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, etc.) are getting more […]

There’s significant chatter lately regarding how much the advertising industry is changing, how traditional agencies no longer exist, that the majority of projects have shifted into the digital realm, how everyone’s roles are more all-encompassing, all the new media offerings, and on and on and on.. I honestly don’t believe there is much argument to […]

Perhaps you saw the bold move by Dove to branch into men’s products with this ad:

Old Spice responded with this:

Point to Old Spice. Why? Well, it’s a lot easier to talk to a target demographic if you’re brand is already built up around said demographic. Dove was making a huge leap from decades of speaking […]

Here’s our live stream of Ad Bowl. You can follow along by tweeting your thoughts on each of the ads with #r7adbowl hashtag.
Live Video streaming by UstreamYou can […]

As the Google Street View cars go zipping around the world taking pictures of, well, everything, they are also snapping pictures of all the outdoor advertising out there. Now, Google has filed a patent so they can sell the space on billboards they capture in  Google Maps Street View.
Google has just doubled […]

One afternoon not long ago I took a moment to sit down and read the morning newspaper.  I’ve always been an afternoon newspaper guy. (Deseret News, can you hear me?)  Immediately, frustration set in — not with prognostications about the recession, but with the advertising content.
I noticed a local grocery store insert – jammed […]

While everyone else is sending 6×9 postcards as direct mail pieces, these guys sent media buyers a cake with a file baked into it to promote the TV show Prison Break.
As it says in our Brand Model message: creativity makes good things happen. Kudos to the team who came up with this.
Via Ads of […]