Corporate America is filled with articulate CEOs, presidents and all sorts of executives, but when lights, cameras and microphones go live, they often freeze.
In my 30+ in the business, I’ve seen it countless times — from executive interviews in Los Angeles to clients on national TV from New York.
The cure? Effective media training by those […]

In the book Visual Literacy by Richard Wilde, there’s an exercise that I have had our creative department – and other groups (including a group of Boy Scouts recently) – try to tackle. I hand everyone an identical page with five rows of six circles. The challenge? In three minutes, turn as many of the […]

Last week our chief digital officer, Craig Aramaki, was invited to be on the AAF Utah digital panel along with Jason Bangerter from Struck/Axiom, David Nibley of Rain, Ian Barkley from Transcontinental Interactive and Shawn Butler from Saxton Horne. Insights […]

Several months ago I attended a conference in San Diego where the focus was on the rise of integration – specifically, integrating your traditional and digital marketing techniques through strategic collaboration and communication. A huge emphasis was placed on spreading dollars across channels and how in order to achieve the greatest impact and see the […]

Remember in your college news-writing class when you were quizzed on all the rules in the AP Stylebook? Okay, maybe you didn’t take a news-writing class, but if you did, and you didn’t memorize the 3,000-plus entries, then you probably won’t mind hearing they’ve added a few more social media terms to the 2011 edition. […]

He lived in San Francisco, not New York City. He hung out with artists, philosophers and scientists, not ad people. He was an ad man, but might have been its greatest critic. He created non-traditional advertising when most people still hadn’t fully figured out the traditional kind. He inspired ad greats like Hal Riney, Jeff […]

Big high five to our creative team who worked on the Apple Beer campaign currently being featured in ‘Exhibit’ on the Communication Arts website. (And on the homepage today!)
“Based on a 100-year-old German recipe, Apple Beer was first bottled in the United States in the 1960s. Although the unique soft drink has grown […]

Exciting news going on this week:
Old Spice goes beyond hot-man-in-towel commercials
Men really do want to smell like Mr. Old Spice himself. Especially when Old Spice’s ad agency created customized video responses for their clients. Worked on me.
New York gets Wi-Fi in subways
This should make 8 million people happy. Now New Yorkers can soon stay connected […]

iPhone 4’s and Vuvuzelas have been dominating the news for the past few weeks.
1. Like a swarm of killer bees, this South African instrument – previously unknown to many – dominated the news, our ears and was a popular Twitter hashtag. Articles even popped up on how to remove the Vuvuzela sound from your audio by muting […]

I don’t know about you, but I can hardly wait until “new media” grows up and just becomes another medium.
Don’t get me wrong, I totally get the possibilities of companies being able to connect with customers on a level no one ever thought possible in the era of waiting till 10 pm to see what […]