I’ve collected quotations, thoughts, inspirational tidbits on the topic of advertising for almost four decades, even though I’m only 29.
I have multiple, hanging file folders filled with pages extracted from ADWEEK, Ad Age, Communication Arts, Fast Company, Inc, The Wall Street Journal, Creativity, Graphis and other publications over the years.  Shhh, don’t tell my previous […]

In the book Visual Literacy by Richard Wilde, there’s an exercise that I have had our creative department – and other groups (including a group of Boy Scouts recently) – try to tackle. I hand everyone an identical page with five rows of six circles. The challenge? In three minutes, turn as many of the […]

Consider the last speech, college lecture, Sunday School lesson, or family reunion you attended.  What do you remember of what was said – when you weren’t dozing?
If you remember anything at all, I’m betting it was a story.  No big surprise.  Stories are more entertaining, informative and memorable than facts, figures and philosophical diatribes.  Anybody […]

Last night was the 2011 ADDY Gala, showcasing the best advertising of 2010. As usual, we were thrilled to see some of the incredible work coming out of Utah. We have some really impressive creative minds at work in our state.
Richter7 was lucky enough to take home more awards than any other agency this year […]

Today we kicked off our 16th Annual Ad Bowl , complete with a live Twitter feed, a rock band performance and, most importantly, 51 Super Bowl commercials to vote on and enjoy. As our team analyzed the multi-million dollar ad campaigns originally aired during yesterday’s game, ads were voted into seven categories. This includes Most […]

He lived in San Francisco, not New York City. He hung out with artists, philosophers and scientists, not ad people. He was an ad man, but might have been its greatest critic. He created non-traditional advertising when most people still hadn’t fully figured out the traditional kind. He inspired ad greats like Hal Riney, Jeff […]

Big high five to our creative team who worked on the Apple Beer campaign currently being featured in ‘Exhibit’ on the Communication Arts website. (And on the homepage today!)
“Based on a 100-year-old German recipe, Apple Beer was first bottled in the United States in the 1960s. Although the unique soft drink has grown […]

Much to the chagrin of ad agencies who spout the erroneous “awards don’t matter” line (generally because they’re not capable enough to win any, or too scared to try), new reports further confirm the unmistakable connection between the ringing of the cash register and award-winning advertising.
In a July 12, 2010, ADWEEK article […]

A belated post, congratulating our team on winning eight silver awards at this year’s national ADDY Awards Competition – the most any Utah ad agency has ever received in one year at the national level.
The winning ad campaigns consist of print and TV for Utah’s Hogle Zoo, point-of-purchase print ads for Wood Revival Desk Co. […]

iPhone 4’s and Vuvuzelas have been dominating the news for the past few weeks.
1. Like a swarm of killer bees, this South African instrument – previously unknown to many – dominated the news, our ears and was a popular Twitter hashtag. Articles even popped up on how to remove the Vuvuzela sound from your audio by muting […]