Last week our chief digital officer, Craig Aramaki, was invited to be on the AAF Utah digital panel along with Jason Bangerter from Struck/Axiom, David Nibley of Rain, Ian Barkley from Transcontinental Interactive and Shawn Butler from Saxton Horne. Insights […]

Several months ago I attended a conference in San Diego where the focus was on the rise of integration – specifically, integrating your traditional and digital marketing techniques through strategic collaboration and communication. A huge emphasis was placed on spreading dollars across channels and how in order to achieve the greatest impact and see the […]

We wanted to share some thoughts from our PR/Social Media intern, Kylee Snelgrove. Take it away, Kylee…
As a first-time contributor to this blog, I thought it would be best to start out with a little introduction about myself. My name is Kylee Snelgrove and I am a Public Relations Intern at Richter7.  I graduate TOMORROW […]

What a last couple of days it has been! From the white iPhone to a white Royal Wedding, and from President Obama’s jabs at Donald Trump to the death of Osama bin Laden, truly, this has been a week worth following. Last week, social media platforms were on fire with the Royal Wedding- everything from […]

Exciting news going on this week:
Old Spice goes beyond hot-man-in-towel commercials
Men really do want to smell like Mr. Old Spice himself. Especially when Old Spice’s ad agency created customized video responses for their clients. Worked on me.
New York gets Wi-Fi in subways
This should make 8 million people happy. Now New Yorkers can soon stay connected […]

iPhone 4’s and Vuvuzelas have been dominating the news for the past few weeks.
1. Like a swarm of killer bees, this South African instrument – previously unknown to many – dominated the news, our ears and was a popular Twitter hashtag. Articles even popped up on how to remove the Vuvuzela sound from your audio by muting […]

We have some great interns working with us this summers in various departments. We’ve asked them to provide some insight into Richter7 culture : What have they encountered that they didn’t expect? What are they gaining from the experience? How weird are we all, really? Stay tuned for regular updates from our summer interns.
Introducing: KELLEN […]

I don’t know about you, but I can hardly wait until “new media” grows up and just becomes another medium.
Don’t get me wrong, I totally get the possibilities of companies being able to connect with customers on a level no one ever thought possible in the era of waiting till 10 pm to see what […]

There’s significant chatter lately regarding how much the advertising industry is changing, how traditional agencies no longer exist, that the majority of projects have shifted into the digital realm, how everyone’s roles are more all-encompassing, all the new media offerings, and on and on and on.. I honestly don’t believe there is much argument to […]

As a former ballet dancer, having spent 18 years of my life devoting over three hours of each day and both days on weekends to the craft, I was particularly interested in Monday’s front page article in the New York Times chronicling how professional ballet dancers are utilizing Twitter to humanize the trade – “Ballet […]