Here’s our live stream of Ad Bowl. You can follow along by tweeting your thoughts on each of the ads with #r7adbowl hashtag.
Live Video streaming by UstreamYou can […]

It was a sub-freezing December evening in Brno, Czechoslovakia, 1938.  Inside an ornate theater, however, public opinion was about to heat up following the premier of composer Serge Prokofiev’s unexpected score for the famed ballet, Romeo and Juliet.
Although Romeo and Juliet is now regarded by many as Prokofiev’s finest work, soon after it’s unveiling, critical […]

Our beloved Marcia heads the MOF (Ministry of Fun) and every month or so she puts together an activity for the agency. This month? Sculpting busts of the partners out of Play-Doh. Here’s our craftiness:
Have a favorite? Personally, mine is the incredible, symbolic likeness of Dave Newbold in picture […]

Image courtesy of ousooner44 via Flickr.
Not sure who the guy is in the above photo, but he’d fit in well here: confident, sporting a jaunty beard-thing, and lacking pants. That’s right, yesterday we officially launched our annual No Pants Policy baby!
Or, for those of you across the Pond – No Trousers Policy. (Last year […]