In the book Visual Literacy by Richard Wilde, there’s an exercise that I have had our creative department – and other groups (including a group of Boy Scouts recently) – try to tackle. I hand everyone an identical page with five rows of six circles. The challenge? In three minutes, turn as many of the […]

One afternoon not long ago I took a moment to sit down and read the morning newspaper.  I’ve always been an afternoon newspaper guy. (Deseret News, can you hear me?)  Immediately, frustration set in — not with prognostications about the recession, but with the advertising content.
I noticed a local grocery store insert – jammed […]

It was a sub-freezing December evening in Brno, Czechoslovakia, 1938.  Inside an ornate theater, however, public opinion was about to heat up following the premier of composer Serge Prokofiev’s unexpected score for the famed ballet, Romeo and Juliet.
Although Romeo and Juliet is now regarded by many as Prokofiev’s finest work, soon after it’s unveiling, critical […]