Our social media team just launched a new application on the Park City Facebook page that allows prospective visitors to quickly learn how long it will take them to get from their destination to Park City, Utah. This application, also available onparkcityinfo.com is a simple and informative tool, but also an […]

Checking in From Space
“Checking-in” using platforms like Foursquare, Gowalla, Whrrl, Facebook Places, among others, is popular for many reasons, including showcasing to your social graph the cool places you are frequenting. Now, imagine checking in somewhere unheard-of. This is exactly what one astronaut has done. On Friday he unlocked the “NASA Explorer” badge and checked […]

The marketing industry is undergoing a dramatic transformation – from mass marketing to engagement with the individual. With the rise of new mediums, customers can share their opinions about products or services with millions of other individuals. This means that consumers are starting to trust the opinions of strangers over even the largest brands and, […]

Suppose I get lucky enough to interview you for a job. I’ll get all prepared and you’ll get all prepared, and we’ll meet and talk and laugh (please tell me you laugh), and I’ll size you up and you’ll size me (and Richter7) up.
Then we’ll take it to the next level where we like you […]

There’s significant chatter lately regarding how much the advertising industry is changing, how traditional agencies no longer exist, that the majority of projects have shifted into the digital realm, how everyone’s roles are more all-encompassing, all the new media offerings, and on and on and on.. I honestly don’t believe there is much argument to […]

Facebook is no longer just a Web site — it’s a full-fledged platform. As an indication of its popularity, many users spend more time on Facebook than on e-mail, even using Facebook as their e-mail service. Unfortunately this means scammers are now crawling all over Facebook. There are hundreds of Facebook scams, such as phishing […]

Google has launched Buzz, a service wrapped into Gmail which allows for quick sharing of pictures, videos, status messages, etc. with your Google Friends. You can also autopost to Twitter, Picasa, Flickr and more. It includes privacy settings so you can share with the world or just your friends.
Flash your optics upon the […]

Every day brings a new opportunity for a big brand to develop a new Facebook application to promote or reinforce its brand. Some of them are disappointing, however, occasionally you come across an application that is original and entertaining.
One such app is the Whopper Sacrifice. Burger King offered customers a free Whopper for every 10 […]