And by “freshness”, of course we mean Google’s new Freshness algorithm that favors frequently updated content in the search results delivered to you. Amit Singhal, from Google, says that “search results, like warm cookies right out of the oven or cool refreshing fruit on a hot summer’s day, are best when they’re […]

As the traditional ways of interacting with customers and prospects changes, no longer can we just talk TO them, now we need to talk WITH them. The importance of listening to the consumer becomes paramount and social media affords a much broader, honest, in-depth and cost effective way to really understand how your company or […]

A quick rundown of some of this week’s highlights…

We’ve all been watching the growth of online advertising, and while it still may be significantly less than that of traditional media, online advertising revenues jumped almost 15% in this year’s first quarter (albeit, slightly lower than Q4 of ’09 due to AOL’s struggles.) Below is a […]

Introducing the R7 Weekly Retro – a weekly retrospective of news items, emerging technologies, trends, campaigns and other things that we find particularly relevant. We’ll start this week’s recap off with one of the most buzzed about April Fool’s pranks.

As most of us saw (and some were duped by) Topeka, Kansas, in a bid to […]

Google has launched Buzz, a service wrapped into Gmail which allows for quick sharing of pictures, videos, status messages, etc. with your Google Friends. You can also autopost to Twitter, Picasa, Flickr and more. It includes privacy settings so you can share with the world or just your friends.
Flash your optics upon the […]

As the Google Street View cars go zipping around the world taking pictures of, well, everything, they are also snapping pictures of all the outdoor advertising out there. Now, Google has filed a patent so they can sell the space on billboards they capture in  Google Maps Street View.
Google has just doubled […]

Here are some top social media/advertising/business stories that caught my attention over the last couple of weeks:

Google buys Gizmo5. Google bought Gizmo5, a VOIP company, to use with Google Voice to create a direct competitor to Skype and every telco in the world.


Murdoch threatens to block Google searches from indexing his […]

Marissa Mayer, Vice President of Search Product and User Experience at Google, announced a new Google product called “Social Search” at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco. This feature will allow all Google users to search query results from friends in social networks through their Google Profile.
Although this feature sounds pretty cool, it makes […]