In the book Visual Literacy by Richard Wilde, there’s an exercise that I have had our creative department – and other groups (including a group of Boy Scouts recently) – try to tackle. I hand everyone an identical page with five rows of six circles. The challenge? In three minutes, turn as many of the […]

Remember in your college news-writing class when you were quizzed on all the rules in the AP Stylebook? Okay, maybe you didn’t take a news-writing class, but if you did, and you didn’t memorize the 3,000-plus entries, then you probably won’t mind hearing they’ve added a few more social media terms to the 2011 edition. […]

We wanted to share some thoughts from our PR/Social Media intern, Kylee Snelgrove. Take it away, Kylee…
As a first-time contributor to this blog, I thought it would be best to start out with a little introduction about myself. My name is Kylee Snelgrove and I am a Public Relations Intern at Richter7.  I graduate TOMORROW […]

We’ve had some exciting new additions and promotions within the Richter7 team over the last few weeks and wanted to introduce you to our newest (or promoted) team members:
Amanda Sanchez
Amanda was originally hired in 2009 as PR account coordinator and was quickly promoted because of her dedication, originality and expertise. Amanda leads projects for clients […]

To continue our series of what it’s like to intern at Richter7, I’d like to introduce Peter Brown, who is currently in the throws of his third internship here at the agency. Peter decided to take it one step further and discuss what a WEEK is like for an R7 intern.
Peter takes his job very […]

We have some great interns working with us this summers in various departments. We’ve asked them to provide some insight into Richter7 culture : What have they encountered that they didn’t expect? What are they gaining from the experience? How weird are we all, really? Stay tuned for regular updates from our summer interns.
Introducing: KELLEN […]

Here’s our live stream of Ad Bowl. You can follow along by tweeting your thoughts on each of the ads with #r7adbowl hashtag.
Live Video streaming by UstreamYou can […]

Our work for the Utah Museum of Fine Arts was featured in the Nikkei Marketing Journal. The only “Nikkei” I’d ever heard of was this girl I was in a relationship with in junior high. (It didn’t end well and I don’t want to talk about it.) Apparently, they’re the equivalent of the […]

A few years ago, one executive asked me, “What is this Internet thing? Is it going to really play a viable role in marketing?” As you know, it’s not only here to stay, it has turned the world of marketing upside down, and social media networking is driving the change.
Because of the rapid popularity for […]

Your efforts in social media should be an extension of your brand. The best brands have emotional connections associated with them. If your efforts in social media are soul-less PR or marketing drivel you will dampen the emotional connection people have with your brand.
Engage people in real conversations and build relationships. Good relationships are emotional […]