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Suppose I get lucky enough to interview you for a job. I’ll get all prepared and you’ll get all prepared, and we’ll meet and talk and laugh (please tell me you laugh), and I’ll size you up and you’ll size me (and Richter7) up.
Then we’ll take it to the next level where we like you […]

One major step in a successful email marketing campaign is to actually get your emails delivered so they can be read. Here’s a handy list of several things to ensure your emails won’t be sent to the spam folder by email services (like Yahoo and Gmail).
Spam Complaints
Email services (Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, etc.) are getting more […]

There’s significant chatter lately regarding how much the advertising industry is changing, how traditional agencies no longer exist, that the majority of projects have shifted into the digital realm, how everyone’s roles are more all-encompassing, all the new media offerings, and on and on and on.. I honestly don’t believe there is much argument to […]

Introducing the R7 Weekly Retro – a weekly retrospective of news items, emerging technologies, trends, campaigns and other things that we find particularly relevant. We’ll start this week’s recap off with one of the most buzzed about April Fool’s pranks.

As most of us saw (and some were duped by) Topeka, Kansas, in a bid to […]

Facebook is no longer just a Web site — it’s a full-fledged platform. As an indication of its popularity, many users spend more time on Facebook than on e-mail, even using Facebook as their e-mail service. Unfortunately this means scammers are now crawling all over Facebook. There are hundreds of Facebook scams, such as phishing […]

Here’s our live stream of Ad Bowl. You can follow along by tweeting your thoughts on each of the ads with #r7adbowl hashtag.
Live Video streaming by UstreamYou can […]

Twitter recently rolled out a new feature called Lists. It enables you to group those you follow into lists, similar to Brizzly and desktop applications such as TweetDeck and Seesmic.
How do lists work?
You can login to Twitter and click the “following” link under your username in the upper right column. This will show everyone […]

Here are some top social media/advertising/business stories that caught my attention over the last couple of weeks:

Google buys Gizmo5. Google bought Gizmo5, a VOIP company, to use with Google Voice to create a direct competitor to Skype and every telco in the world.


Murdoch threatens to block Google searches from indexing his […]

Marissa Mayer, Vice President of Search Product and User Experience at Google, announced a new Google product called “Social Search” at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco. This feature will allow all Google users to search query results from friends in social networks through their Google Profile.
Although this feature sounds pretty cool, it makes […]

A few years ago, one executive asked me, “What is this Internet thing? Is it going to really play a viable role in marketing?” As you know, it’s not only here to stay, it has turned the world of marketing upside down, and social media networking is driving the change.
Because of the rapid popularity for […]