What a last couple of days it has been! From the white iPhone to a white Royal Wedding, and from President Obama’s jabs at Donald Trump to the death of Osama bin Laden, truly, this has been a week worth following. Last week, social media platforms were on fire with the Royal Wedding- everything from […]

Leo Laporte (one of my favorite podcasters) got the creatives from Wieden + Kennedy on the air and interviewed them about the making of the now famous Old Spice commercial (which I blogged about earlier).
There was $100 riding on the question as to whether or not CG was used throughout the spot. C’mon. […]

Perhaps you saw the bold move by Dove to branch into men’s products with this ad:

Old Spice responded with this:

Point to Old Spice. Why? Well, it’s a lot easier to talk to a target demographic if you’re brand is already built up around said demographic. Dove was making a huge leap from decades of speaking […]

May I offer a delightful – okay, useful – array of advertising insights from the latest issue of the Journal of Advertising Research. These key points are the result of empirical studies done by a number of different teams who then submitted their findings to the publication.  Get ready, some of these will reinforce your […]

In his post, We Need The Right Advertising, Chris Brogan says that advertising is losing its impact because, “Most advertising fell off its original premise: to inform.” While I agree advertising isn’t as focused on informing people as it once was (and I mentioned as much in my social media presentation) I disagree […]