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October 11th, 2014

Corporate America is filled with articulate CEOs, presidents and all sorts of executives, but when lights, cameras and microphones go live, they often freeze.

In my 30+ in the business, I’ve seen it countless times — from executive interviews in Los Angeles to clients on national TV from New York.

The cure? Effective media training by those who have spent time in newsrooms, dealing with reporters and have taken countless clients to media interviews across the country.

If I could only share two secrets on preparing to interview with the media, it would be this: 1. Understand the reporter. Understand where they’re coming from, why they’re asking what they ask, and what they’re trying to accomplish to do their job.

Once you understand that, an entirely new world opens up. I’ve sat next to clients who’ve been interviewed by the biggest media outlets, e.g., The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Good Morning America, Today Show, USA Today, etc., and understanding that one fact calms the waters. It calms them enough to get us to the second point.

2. Know your stuff. You HAVE to know what you’re saying. Know the facts. Know your limits. Know that veering off facts will serve no good purpose. Know what order to share your points. Get your head around three solid points. Know how to respond to questions about your points. And know when to stop.

Finally, this BONUS item has saved reputations and careers: Never lie.

We live in a Day of Transparency where you have to approach each situation as if it will all be made known to the world. Why? Because often, that’s exactly what happens. For proof, Google “CEO lies in media.” It never ends well.

For more insight on how to effectively prepare for your next media interviews, contact us. We’d be happy to guide you through the maze.
Tim Brown, Richter7 Partner