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Brand Strategy

Brand Diagnostic
Using quantitative research (sometimes augmented with qualitative research) we can measure the source and strength of your current brand equity.
Market Research
We employ qualitative research (sometimes augmented with quantitative) to understand what motivates the choices and behavior of your target audience.
Brand Modeling
Think of this as an architectural rendering of what you hope your brand will represent in the minds and hearts of your target audiences. We have a well-defined process for creating this that involves your senior management working with our senior management.
Brand Identity
This ranges from the creation of a new logo to updating a previous logo, to establishing standards of use for a current logo.
Touch Point Strategy
This identifies the various points at which customers and prospects are exposed to or come into contact with your brand. And it defines the path toward purchase (and repurchases) you want prospects to take.
Audience Profiling
The prospects for your brand are not clones. They differ in lifestyle, interests, motivations, etc. We help divide your prospects into groups with similar profiles and identify which groups represent high-value prospects. This allows you to customize your marketing tactics to each group and focus more of your dollars where there is the most opportunity.
Performance Tracking
We can help you establish a set of key performance indicators for your marketing program and employ the processes and technologies needed to monitor them.

Digital Marketing

Our digital services are not solely focused on building mesmerizing websites. We can also prove valuable in building a creative and integrated approach to your online and mobile marketing initiatives. Those services include:

Online Media
Richter7 realizes traffic generation is only one part of online marketing. In order to truly become successful online, you must implement a "Traffic Conversion Strategy.
Tracking, Scoring, Reporting & Optimization
We make marketing accountable through the use of analytics. Almost anyone can pull a report these days on media and web analytics, but we'll help you figure out what all the data means and how to use it to maximize your ROI.
Email Marketing
Anyone can batch and blast emails to an email list. However, Richter7 has a better way of executing email marketing. Richter7's Automated Marketing Solution increases email delivery, relevancy of your emails and website visits.
Database Management
If your marketing data is inaccurate, you're going to miss sales opportunities or provide irrelevant offers to your prospects. Richter7's team of experts can help you assure data integrity and leverage key customer and prospect information for seamless integration into your marketing campaigns and sales efforts.
Digital Marketing

Lead Nurturing

The greater the purchase price, the greater amounts of consideration given. Our Lead Nurturing programs ensure you are in front of your prospects with relevant and timely information that will help you close the deal.

Your opportunity as a marketer really begins once you've acquired a new customer. You now have the ability to promote other products, lines and services to somebody that is now fully engaged in your brand. Cross sale opportunities are not only available to this customer, but to their friends, family and business associates. Recognizing this, Richter7 has developed a roster of seamless, fully-integrated programs to augment your internal sales efforts.

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Media Planning & Buying

Richter7 combines the ability to obtain ultracompetitive rates and value-added opportunities with powerful media research resources for all online and offline mediums. (In fact, we estimate Richter7 has negotiated over seven million dollars of value-added media for clients over the past ten years.)

Digital Media
Richter7 has been active in the world of online marketing since 2001. In that time we've developed a wide variety of online marketing skill sets and have been awarded "Best of State" in the online marketing category.
Broadcast Media
Richter7's media clout is the result of annually buying millions of dollars of media, primarily in Utah.
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Public Relations

Our Clients love publicity, especially when we gain it for a national audience. That's Richter7's expertise. We arrange interviews for clients in major markets, we introduce them to our media contacts and prepare them to deliver messages succinctly.

National, Local Publicity
We implement publicity initiatives among national, regional and local media. Campaigns deserve ongoing publicity, which is not as easy as it sounds. Our team is accomplished at working to get ongoing awareness for Clients' products and services long after one might think the fire has died down.
Crisis Communications
When a company's world crumbles with a crisis and the media are banging the door for answers, executives must act quickly to restore credibility. Richter7 has navigated numerous clients to communicate their messages in sensible, defensible sound bites. That helps them correct misinformation, set the record straight and get back to business as quickly as possible.
Media Relations
We get inside reporters' heads so you can articulate your messages. We've trained hundreds of executives to effectively communicate their messages to reporters. We've also been in more newsrooms than most reporters, understanding their needs in interviews and guiding clients to speak to those issues.
Event Management
We manage events that exceed expectations—a little flair, a little dare. Nothing's greater than a Grand Event. We specialize in executing events with masterful success.
Sales, Training Videos
Often, the most effective way to expose mass audiences on a product, service, venue or issue is to craft a powerful video. Richter7 handles everything from concepting to scriptwriting, casting, directing and post-production.
Media, Speaker Training
We guide and train clients on how to appropriately engage the media. When a client hires a celebrity spokesperson, that person often needs training, coaching and directing.
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Social Media Marketing

Because the fastest growing segment of today's marketing world is the social media realm, the right social media campaign will build new, stronger and more meaningful and trusting connections with prospects and consumers. We offer:

Strategic Social Media Planning
Successful social media strategies are well thought out, fully integrated with other marketing components and most important, geared toward people. Richter7 knows and understands this, which is why we invest critical time developing social media strategies before executing.
Conversion Tracking
One third of consumers are talking brands in social networks each week, and you can't afford not to be listening to what they are saying about YOU. Conversion tracking is critical in order to understand how you are being represented online and gain a quantitative understanding of the reach and influence of your initiatives.
Conversation Engagement
Sometimes, listening just isn't enough. Richter7's social media team manages conversation engagement for both national and local brands. We work closely with our clients to identify tone, frequency and messaging appropriate for successful engagement.
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Web & Mobile Design

We develop websites, microsites, landing pages, media rich banners, applications, animations, videos, etc. Yet, we're not designers or coders doing single-shot websites, mobile sites or applications.

Our focus and expertise is on the design and development of a company's full arsenal of digital assets and integrating them with databases, technologies and systems that help automate the management of your marketing campaigns, track their performance and optimizes their ROI over time.

Integration of all campaign tactics and marketing assets into a cohesive unified marketing system, that can be effectively managed and optimized, is the key to accelerating the pace of a brand adoption and maximizing ROI.

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